Acta Morphologica et Anthropologica Volume 28(3-4)

Table of Contents


Biological Activity of Orally Given Ethyl Acetate Extract from Cotinuscoggygria in Albino Mice with Solid and Ascites Forms of Ehrlich’s Tumor
K. Todorova, I. Ivanov, I. Iliev, L. Kirazov, M. Dimitrova
Morphometric Characteristics of the Lymphatic Nodules in the Porcine Gallbladder
I. Stefanov, S. Stefanov, N. Tsandev, I. Ivanova, S. Hamza, V. Pilicheva, A. Vodenicharov
Hypertension-Induced Renal Damage in Rat Model – an Electron Microscopic Study
St. Stanchev, A. Iliev, G. Kotov, N. Stamenov, M. Stefanov, B. Landzhov
Cobalt-induced Changes in Iron Homeostasis in Skeletal Muscles of Immature Mice after Perinatal Exposure to Cobalt Chloride
Y. Gluhcheva, E. Petrova, E. Pavlova, A. A. Tinkov, O. P. Ajsuvakova, P. Rashev, M. Gantcheva, I. Vladov, A. V. Skalny

Review Articles

Microscopic Characteristics for Human Hair Identification
E. Kaisheva

Anthropology and Anatomy

Changes in Stature, Weight and Body Mass Index in 3-6-Year-Olds Bulgarian Children (2005 – 2016)
I. Yankova Pandourska, Y. Zhecheva, A. Dimitrova
Characteristics of the Basic Antropometric Features in Children of Preschool Age (3-6 years) from Smolyan Region, Bulgaria
S. Mladenova
Eruption of the Permanent Teeth in Bulgarian Children
B. Kirilov
Morphometric Analysis of the Orbital Area in Young Bulgarians with 3D Laser Scanning
Ts. Petleshkova, S. Sivkov, A. Baltadjiev, H. Manev, R. Raycheva, P. Timonov
Intra and Inter-Sexual Variation in Second (2D) and Fourth (4D) Digit Length and Ratio (2D:4D) among the Bhantus of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India: A Cross-sectional Study
K. Makherjee, K. Das
Evaluation of Bilateral Asymmetry in the Proximal and Distal end of Humerus among the Contemporary Bulgarian Population
A. Fasova, A. Baltadjiev, I. Tsranchev, P. Timonov, F. Popova, M. E. Ali
Repositioning Gross Anatomy Practical for Future Pandemics: A Paradigm Shift from Traditional to Effective Alternatives
T. Chia, A. Ajagbe, O. Onigbinde, O. I. Oyeniran, B. Turhan
Case Report Applying Anthropological Methods for Establishing the Sex, Age and Stature in a Case of Dismembered Corpse
D.Velkova, E. Kaisheva, D. Gospodinova, W. Dokov

Review Articles

Application of Dermatoglyphics Traits of Population Variation Study
G. Temaj
Role of Dermatoglyphics for Breast Cancer Prevention and Prognosis
Ts. Dimitrova